Book Review – What`s a girl gotta do?

Hey! I`m so sorry that it`s been so long since the last review.
I`ve been travelig a bit, but I`m planning on getting back on track 🙂

Book Review – What`s a girl gotta do? by Holly Bourne

“What`s a girl gotta do?” Is the third book in Hollys Spinster Club series, my last review was on the second book in the series. The series is a trhilogy, but she`s also made a special edition book, who I will also review later on. The fourth book is the only book that doesnt revolve around one of the individual girls. The first one is about Evie, number two is about Amber and this one is about Lottie.

Lottie is a very outspoken and energetic person who strongly believes in feminism and sexual liberation. Sexism is the main theme in this book, the introduction on the backside of the book reads:

How to start a feminist revolution:

1. Call out anything that is unfair on one gender.
2. Don`t call out the same thing twice (so you can breathe).
3. Always try to keep it funny.
4. Don`t let anything slide. Even when you start to break…

Lottie`s determined to change the world with her #Vagilante vlog. Shame trolls have other ideas…

As I`ve mentioned in earlier reviews I like that Hollys books include a lot of feminism and mental health issues. I feel like this is the book who focuses mostly on its main theme, which is sexism, both of the other books had smaller parts of the story which got a lot of spotlight, like the love stories. In one way I think it`s good that it follows the theme because it`s important, but it also makes it a little more boring to read because it follows the same track throughout all of it.

Even though sexism is something I like to read and discuss this book didn`t really make me feel much until the end of it. Throughout the start of the book we read about Lottie coming up with the project and involving her friends, we also get to read a lot of discussions she has with her parents about her future and wether or not this project will ruin for her. Despite her parents concern she decides to go for it, she`s going to call out every sexist thing she sees for a month. She comes up with the #Vagilante, inspired by “vigilante” and “vagina”, and opens up a youtube channel for the project.
As we follow her journey we see her call out smaller issues and bigger issues, we also see the bumpy road when you adress such a hugely discussed issue.
But it wasn`t until the two last weeks of her project I got emotionally invested in the story. Her youtube channel and interview with the local paper blows up and she starts getting calls from places like BBC and a lot of hate comments. She does a great job on BBC, but it only makes more people hate on her. The longer this goes on the more burned out she gets and she regurarly starts crying of frustartion, she feels weak. Her friends try to tell her she`s only human and can take a break if she needs to, but Lottie wont listen. But she completely tips over when her ex boyfriends gets an interview with the local paper, where he calls her a feminazi and a slut who only uses boys for sex, he has the guts to pretend that she said to him that the only way to beat men is to behave like one, hence the uses people for sex comment. At this point I had to put the book down and walk around my house for a bit, I got furious. There is no escaping the fact that the word “Feminsim” is looked down on and that people who calls themselves feminists are portrayed as man hating women in society. I think that`s sad considering feminism is simply about equality for everyone. That`s why I`ll never get how Lotties ex boyfriend had the nerve to go out and spread a lie, is her feminism such a big issue for him? There is no escaping the fact that slut is used as a bad word, but I find it very infuriating that people, women in this case, has to be shamed for liking sex. The deal in her ex boyfriends story was that Lottie took his virginity and left him hanging, the truth though, was that Lottie realised they wouldn`t work in a relationship and broke it off in respect to him. “The only way to beat men is to behave like one” was also something I reacted strongly on, it`s a horrible assumption and generalization, whoever you are you are not entitled to anyone elses body but your own.

Whenever I read books with topics like these I spend a lot of time taking thinking breaks, I like to challenge my mind and morals. My opinion, as everyone elses, is not necessarily the answer. I might agree with the general idea of someones a opinion but not some of the smaller details, however I found a part in the book that explained the point of her project in a way I kinda liked. Lottie discussed how painful and unfair all of this is with a friend of hers called Megan, Lottie feels like she should have managed to not break, that it`s silly to get so burned out. But that provokes Megan and she says you can`t compare and measure pain, and asks if that isn`t what Lotties whole project is about. Lottie then starts thinking and I found reading this particular monologue very interesting:

“She was right. All of this was bad. What happened to Megan, what Teddy had done to me, girls walking down the street and being told they have nice tits, pills costing that bit more money just because they`re pink, boys knowing it`s more socially acceptable to punch someone in the face than to cry silently in their bathrooms, toddler girls being told they`re pretty, toddler boys being told they`re brave. Pink and blue. Trousers and skirts. Rape culture and glass ceilings. A skeletal model sautering down a catwalk, a lonely girl being called fat on the internet. It was all harmful. And you cant`t measure harm. It`s unquaintable, like love. Like fear. I`d done this because all of it was wrong, and yet it was always being dealt with seperately. Cut up into segments, everyone arguing about whose segment was the most worthy. Fighting any harm is worthy”

Comparing this book to the other ones in the original serie, this one is probably the one I found the most uninteresting or emotionally univested to read, but it`s definitely the funniest to review.

I have a few questions for this book I want to put up without giving my own personal opinion:

1. What do you think about the fact that every book has only heterosexual relationships?
2. Do you think they should focus more on people who are not women aswell?

I think I have to give the book a 4 out of 5, I was on the fence to tip this one down, but I had too much fun reviewing it. It`s also my own fault that it took me so long to finish, not the book. It really is a book series I`ve had fun reading, I think I have to put the first one (“Am I normal yet?”) as my favorite though.

My favorite quote from this book must be: “It takes a great deal more courage to fight for yourself than to fight for others. To confront you own pain, rather than everyone else`s”.

Thank you so much for dropping by to read! Hope you enjoyed and that I`ll see you again 🙂





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