Upcoming Reviews!

Heyyy, long time no see 🙂

I got a few new books in the mail a couple weeks ago that I`m really excited about, and I thought I`d share the excitement with you so you can get ready for what books my upcoming reviews will be about!

I read “Am I normal yet?” By Holly Bourne last year and really liked it, so I bought the rest of the series, all pictured below (“the manifesto on how to be interesting” is not in the series though).

I finished reading the second book in the series yesterday (“How hard can love be?”) and really liked that as well, so that review will be coming shortly!

I`ll read the third book in the series next (“What`s a girl gotta do?”) and then finish the series off with the special edition “and a happy new year?” book. I got high hopes for them both considering I really liked the first ones. They`re a bit cliche as YA novels tend to be, but this serie also includes a lot of feminism and mental health issues, which I really love! They get me thinking every time I finish, and it really brings me joy.

The last book I got was “the manifesto on how to be interesting”, which I don`t have a lot of thoughts and expectations about yet, but I`m really excited to get to dig into it eventually.

Hope you`re looking just as much forward to it as I am, thanks for stopping by 🙂


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